Lindy 5m UK 3 Pin Plug to IEC C13 mains power Cable, Black


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UK 3 Pin Plug to IEC C13
Fully moulded
Total length: 5m
Colour: Black
10 year warranty

These LINDY power cables are perfect for use in professional areas (recording studios, light systems and also for event locations of any kind, etc.) ? but you can also use them in private sections.

Due to the high temperature resistance from -10 to 70°C during operation, these cables can also be used in non air-conditioned areas.

Note: Cables with IEC C13 sockets such as this are sometimes known by the generic term ‘kettle lead’. Even though this term is commonly used, technically it is incorrect as a kettle requires special IEC C15/16 connectors rated at 120 degrees. So, although they look similar, a ‘real’ kettle lead features a connector with a cut out on the top. Standard IEC C13 cables cannot be plugged into kettles!