Samsung Compatible Laptop AC Charger Adapter, 19V / 3.16A / 65W with 5.5mm x 3.0mm Barrel Tip & UK Plug


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*d*SAM001 Samsung 19v 3.15A 65W 5.5/3.0 Laptop Adapter Fully Certified Retail

Samsung Compatible 19V, 3.15A, 65W, 5.5/3.0 Tip (SAM001)

    Key Features:

    Compatible Part Number
    AD-6019, SPA-830E

    Fit Laptop Model
    Samsung Sens 630, Samsung Sens 820, Samsung Sens Pro 680, Samsung Sens Pro 850, Samsung VM-6000
    Samsung Aquila X05 Series, Aquila X10 Series, Corona P30 Series, GT8000 Series, GT9000, GT6330, GT6360, GT6400, GT7000, GT8910
    VM7600, VM7700, VM6000, VM7000, VM8000 series