Remote Assistance Request

Remote Assistance Request

Thanks for your support request.  Before we book the remote session, we just wanted to check that you’ve tried the basics. Remote sessions may take up to 2 working days. So, if possible, we’d prefer to get you sorted out sooner.

Where possible, try any of the following steps:

Restart your Device
Have you tried powering down your device?  This resolves around 80% of IT issues.  This also applies to printers, routers, monitors etc.  With network or printer problems its often worth restarting all affected devices

Check for Updates
Make sure your computer is fully up to date by visiting Windows Updates

Make sure components like laptops, desktops, monitors and routers are plugged in. Check cable connections to wireless adapters, local networks and printers.

Close and restart programs
Try restarting non-functioning programs and services such as your business application or email program before rebooting the whole computer. Use ctrl alt and delete to force tasks to end

Other sites
If it’s an internet or email issue, try other websites first as it may be a problem with a specific website

Run maintenance
There are a few basic computer maintenance tasks that might help, particularly when poor performance is the problem. Run a virus scan or disk clean-up/defrag.

Research the problem on Google
You may choose to do a little digging yourself to save a support call. Use Google to locate information about the error message or symptoms. Use search terms like “turn off google notifications” or “remove google history.” Other people have most likely experienced the same issue and you can find out what steps they followed to resolve the problem.

Call Your ISP
If the Internet is down, call the ISP regarding a possible outage first, or search “tiscali outage <date>.” Usually someone will be talking about it somewhere on a forum. We cannot resolve problems with your ISP so worth checking with them prior to calling

Outstanding Accounts
Have you paid your Internet bill, or product subscription,  it’s not uncommon for a change in debit card to result in the service going down.

If you’re still struggling please click below to continue, and we’ll get you help as soon as we can