Computer upgrades from The PC Crew

Computer Upgrades

There are generally two reasons to upgrade your device – to make it work or to make it work faster.  The PC Crew performs a wide range of upgrades using the most up to date, quality, branded components.  All our upgrades are fully tested and come with a 1-year warranty.

It’s sometimes a difficult decision determining whether upgrades provide good value for money.  We can help you make that decision and provide sound professional advice every step of the way. Here are some of our upgrade services:

Computer upgrades - The PC Crew


RAM: The RAM (random access memory) is the computer’s short-term memory, where it stores information it is working with. The more RAM it has, the easier it can perform more tasks simultaneously and run faster in the background, without having to write or read stuff to the hard disk (a slower process).

Hard Drive

Hard drive: The hard drive is the computer’s long-term memory and is where all your program files, documents, data, and operating system is located. When the computer is switched off, this data is still there ready to be recalled when the PC is next switched on. It may also be used for temporary processing of large or system files.

Solid State Hard Drive

SSD: SSDs are the digital version of a hard drive. Typical startup times of 15 seconds are possible with an SSD as they are 10X faster than a standard hard drive. This is one of our favourite upgrades and transforms any PC. Prices start from only £120.  Click here for more information (link to video?)

CPU Processor

Processor: The brain of the computer, the CPU does all the calculations to process the data you are working with. Its speed is usually measured in GHz, and we can analyse your motherboard and suggest a compatible CPU upgrade to speed up your PC.

Graphics Card

Video card: Graphics processing units, or video cards, are for computers with demanding image processing requirements such as video games and 3D rendering software. A better video card can boost the graphics processing ability, allowing you to play the latest games or use your computer for high-end computing applications such as photo or video editing.


PSUs with a higher wattage output are a simple upgrade to ensure that your PC isn’t left gasping for breath when demand is placed on it by the graphics card, for instance.

Cooling Fan

Cooling: Computers get hot when in use, this heat can destroy your computer, or at least cause it to run at reduced performance. Keeping the PC cool is essential to having a happy PC, we can upgrade your standard cooling to ensure your PC runs well. This is especially important if you are considering other performance upgrades or run your PC for extended periods of time.