The PC Crew – Home Care Plan Terms and Conditions


The PC Crew Care Plan provides ongoing care, protection and maintenance for all computers covered under the scheme. Here is a list of inclusive items:

RMM – This tool, shown as an orange icon in the taskbar (bottom right) is the engine that drives the care plan and provides all the monitoring, maintenance, remote capability, anti-virus management and reporting.

Alerts – The PC Crew are notified when any one of a series of alerts occur, for a list of all alerts please click here

Ongoing care/maintenance – The RMM tool will perform a number of ongoing scans and maintenance procedures. This list is constantly evolving. For a full list of all scheduled procedures please click here

Anti-virus – Professional, managed anti-virus provided by Bitdefender Endpoint

Cloud Backup – All local files backed up to a secure cloud server. Folders backed up by default are Documents, Pictures, Music, Video & Desktop

Remote Assistance – Basic remote procedures lasting up to 5 minutes to resolve minor, non-hardware related items.

Workshop Visits – Pre-booked workshop visits up to 5 minutes to resolve minor, non-hardware related items.


The standard terms and conditions of our business apply, plus the following, pertaining to the care plans.

The PC Crew reserve the right to cancel any care plan without reason or notice

To cancel any care plan please notify us by email giving at least 1 month’s notice to allow direct debit and other services to be terminated. Notification must be provided or charges will continue.

Removal of any software after cancellation is the responsibility of the customer.

Please note, the care plan covers services outlined above and does not include visits or workshop repairs outside the terms outlined above. To clarify, VISITS ARE NOT INCLUDED and will be charged at our normal or discounted hourly rates.

Remote assistance and workshop visits are provided on a fair usage basis and we reserve the right to terminate this service at any time if we feel this is being abused. Remote sessions are designed to resolve minor issues and cover approx. 10-minute sessions.  If issues are not resolvable in this time a chargeable visit or workshop session may be required.

Remote assistance and workshop visits will be provided when available and need to be booked in advance. We cannot guarantee availability for the services and there is no time limit as to when sessions will be available. We will always do our utmost to provide this service as promptly as possible.  We aim to provide remote sessions within 48 hours however will attempt when possible to perform them next or same day.

The remote assistance module allows for anytime access to your computer once login has occurred. Please be aware that if your business or computer usage requires confidentiality you must advise us, and we will turn this feature off.


The PC Crew is NOT responsible for the failure of any of the provided services and will not be liable for any loss or damage to data/services or liability to the care plan owner or any third party.

The software that runs on the client computers requires a reliable fully operational computer. If a computer is not deemed suitable charges may occur or installation may not be possible.

Home visits and workshop sessions will be available to book and there may be a delay at busy times