Protect yourself from tech support scams

Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers use scare tactics to trick you into unnecessary technical support services that supposedly fix contrived device, platform, or software problems.

At best the scammers are trying to get you to pay them to “fix” a non-existent problem with your device or software. At worst they’re trying to steal your personal or financial information; and if you allow them to remote into your computer to perform this “fix” they will often install malware, ransomware, or other unwanted programs that can steal your information or damage your data or device.

It’s worth remembering this: it’s hard enough getting support when you do have an issue! So its hugely unlikely that providers are going to call out of the blue!

What you should do if you get a call like this:

  • Hang up immediately
  • Block the number from contacting you again
  • Report the scam to Action Fraud online on 0300 123 2040

If you have allowed them access to your computer, turn it off immediately and seek assistance. 

You are welcome to call the PC Crew on 01937 843242 for free and impartial advice