Health Checks & Speed-ups

Computers over time start to run slowly because of installation of programs, internet browsing and day to day use. Internally they get clogged up with dust, pollution, food and even insects. The PC Crew offers a comprehensive health check, clean-up and security audit and includes:

  • Full check of system – anti-virus, spyware, malware and adware scan, registry and temp files clean and removal of unwanted start-up programmes.
  • Check of security and anti-virus
  • Keyboard, mouse, monitor and case cleaned with anti-bacterial solution and brushes
  • All internal and external cables checked for good connection
  • Internal clean with compressed air to remove dust from all components including fans, memory, hard disks and motherboard*

Health Check:

Full check of system plus: keyboard, mouse, monitor and case anti-bacterial clean. All cables checked. Internal clean with compressed air.